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Since our inception, we have been deeply focused on assisting our clients with their IT strategy, and most importantly reducing their costs without selling them services they don't need.

The Yebo Difference

Yebo was founded to address the subpar service and response times we observed among our peers, as well as their tendency to implement short-term solutions destined to fail. We have unique strategies that set us apart from other IT companies in the Lower Mainland. While we won't reveal all our trade secrets here, we invite you to give us a call. Don't just take our word for it—our references speak for themselves, and our clients are eager to share the positive impact Yebo has made since we took over.

Brad R.
President & CEO
Jared R.
Director of IT

Brad is not only a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer but also brings over two decades of combined IT and business experience to the table. His extensive skills in IT, business, and finance provide Yebo with a unique advantage in understanding our clients' business requirements and the impact of new technology on their bottom line. Brad is well versed in AI technology and also happy to talk about rocket science for fun.

Jared introduces innovative and forward-thinking ideas. With more than 20 years of IT experience, he is recognized for his dedication, often working 36-hour days to ensure excellence in every project. Jared honed his corporate IT expertise during his tenure at the University of Victoria for 5 years and as an IT Manager in Vancouver for 3 years. He holds numerous Microsoft and other industry certifications.

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